Who are we?

Logo Croisières Inter-îles

In 1988, when the construction of the Ré Island Bridge had been completed, the Charente Maritime General Council ended its ferry and passenger boat operations. A maritime tourist passenger boat company was then established: Croisières Inter-Iles.

Key dates

2004 : Croisières Inter-Iles is part of Groupe SAO, the leading French company specialised in maritime passenger transport. Croisières Inter-Iles takes over the company ‘Vedettes Oléronaises’ and operates the Oleron-Aix and Fort Boyard routes, to which are later added the activities of the company ‘Croisières Océanes’

2005 : Croisières Inter-Iles merges with the Compagnie Vendéenne, which operates the routes to l’Ile d’Yeu.

2008 : Croisières Inter-Iles establishes a new company : TMAR (Transports Maritimes de l’Agglomération Rochelaise). On January 1st 2009, the La Rochelle Agglomeration Community attributes the operation of the public regular passenger boat transport service for the La Rochelle urban agglomeration area to TMAR.

2009 : Croisières Inter-Iles achieves the tourism accreditation award required to develop its business in the hire of boats for quayside or navigation purposes, with or without additional services.

2013 : The vessel ‘L’Espérance’ joins the Croisières Inter-Iles fleet. It is partly dedicated to the organisation of private and professional reception events either at the quayside or out at sea.

Croisières Inter-Iles offers a wide range of pleasure cruises operating along the Charente-Maritime coast, with departures available from 5 different ports:
• La Rochelle,
• Saint-Martin-de-Ré,
• Boyardville et Saint-Denis d'Oléron,
• La Tranche-sur-Mer.

Logo Compagnie Vendéenne Croisières Inter-Iles is represented on the Vendée coast by the Compagnie Vendéenne which operates the routes to l’île d’Yeu departing from Fromentine and from Saint-Gilles Croix de Vie.